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Productivity Enhancement

3D Quick Press

3DQuickPress® is a SolidWorks® add-on for progressive die design. With a 3D solid model of the part, a 3D strip can be created quickly and easily, and also be communicated clearly throughout the work group using the free SolidWorks eDrawings® viewer before further detailing of the die

without time wasted.

  1. Powerful Unfold
  2. Strip Layout Manager
  3. Die Set Design
  4. Production-Level-Templates (P-L-T)

1- Powerful Unfold

Powerful Unfold, a feature recognition technology, can handle native SolidWorks® sheet metal parts for imported data, and provide a knowledge base for spring back and bend allowance. Form features can save valuable time from die designs and give them more design productivity tasks.

2 - Strip Layout Manager

Strip Layout Manager provides users with intuitive tools to quickly complete the strip simply by drag & drop command with instant graphical feedback.


Key functions:

  • Optimization
  • Support multiple parts
  • Notch punch design
  • Split punch
  • Mismatch undercuts
  • Partial bend
  • Insert/Delete stations
  • Report on material utilization and center of cutting force

3 - Die Set Design

Die Set Design begins after finishing the strip layout. 3DQuickPress® will automatically create all punches defined in the strip design.


Key functions:

  • User definable databases
  • Automatic hole creation
  • Tools for component
  • placement Standard
  • components library
  • Support compound die and transfer die

4 - Production-Level-Templates (P-L-T)

P-L-T assists users to insert home-made components into die sets structure with minimal manual operations.

  • Automatic punches & insert creation
  • User defined punches and insert creation
  • Standard parts & die sets library
  • Create all openings in all plates automatically
  • Automatic parts recognition to create an accurate BOM
  • Sketch tools to assist in creating die openings and inserts
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