Integrated Enterprise Level BOM structure using Product Release Engineer Role

Mohnish Patil, (Sr. Application Engineer) Apr 18th, 2023

Nowadays, we see that many project leads or project managers refer to the BOM structure for any project
on which they are working; and the problem arises here, they must be dependent on the design engineers
for the BOM Structure in which the design engineers will be working on the CAD and later they will be
delivering the BOM structure to their respective leads.

Here 3DEXPERIENCE platform brings out the solution to overcome this problem; the 3DEXPERIENCE
platform has introduced the role named Product Release Engineer in which the project leads don’t have
to rely on someone for the BOM structure.

How to Access Product Release Engineer?

Product Release Engineer provides an application named Engineering Release, and from here on Engineer
Release comes into the picture.

Engineering Release is a powerful browser-based application in which the users could edit existing or
create new engineering items, Release build materials, and much more without the need to be dependent
on dedicated CAD tools.

Using the tools with engineering release non-cad users can create new assembly structures needed for any
assembly. Without leaving our browser our newly created item can be opened for editing; existing items
can be easily searched for and added to the assembly.

Engineering Release lets us manage the engineering definition of the product, which comprises the
instance of the product. This can include documents, properties, specifications, and materials.

Assembly is modeled within SOLIDWORKS, when viewed in Engineering Release components are
visible with the ability to sort and filter on associated attributes toggle between direct and flattened views
and even the ability to view full parts lists is easily accessible. In some cases, we need to add items to our
assembly structure without modeling them.

Once the new engineering item is created or it’s just going to be the Top-level assembly, the part list
components will be reflected in the structure with specific information or properties called attributes.

The image below shows the components' information with the properties mapped with CAD.

We can add the attributes to the list or create new attributes depending on the needs of the firm.

We can add the details of the components into the ENOVIA properties shown below.

The below image represents the updated details of the components as per the newly added attributes.

We can group the components or the part list present as per the choice present in the attributes.

Selected attributes popped up in the group by the selection filter.

The below image shows the grouping of the components based on the ‘Manufacturing Types’ as selected.

Some items are not modeled in any CAD tool but still need to be included in the BOM. Engineering
release provides us the platform to add those items concerning drop-downs available in the adding New
Product option available. Drop-Down options are shown below:

Here for Ex. Consider a New Quantity of Material and follow the below steps.

A new item created will be popped on the platform.

Another option available on the platform is Structure views, in which the parts and sub-assemblies are
properly structured. Various options are available in the Structure views and their details are shown in the
image below.

Once the parts list feels complete, there is an ability to change the maturity state of the New Engineering
Item created.

Engineering Release provides us the option to export the part list and all the details in various .csv
formats. Exporting our data is useful for viewing lists of large structures in a spreadsheet.

There are options available while exporting the assembly according to convenience. Available options are
shown below with the details.

Once the options are selected in the export window, click export to get the part list in .csv format.

The platform has other ways to add items to the Engineering Release as described below.

The lead may assign any task to any assignee through the Collaborative Task; The assigned task appears
in the To-Do list and once the task is done, the assignee can attach the deliverables and shift the task to the
completed tab, and then a notification pops up to the lead. Later the lead may drag and drop the content
added to the Engineering Release app and export it to the Part list in the concerned view.

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