Limitless Report customization in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

Sugat Kamble, Application Engineer - Electrical May 13th, 2022

In SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic report generation is fully automatic. But as per customer requirements, report must be customized. In report customization, there is sort and break option. With the help of this we can sort our report as per manufacturer, location, book wise etc.

For many industries such as control panel, report customization needed as per feeder wise. So, for this requirement, we can create various locations as a feeder.

The following steps need to be taken to customize the automated generated reports in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Electrical Project > Reports > Generate Drawing

Create Locations for location wise reports

Step 1:

Edit Report Configuration

After automatic creation of reports, right click on report page and select edit report configuration.

Step 2:

Select Sort and Break

On right side we can see various option that helps us to create or sorting the BOM as per requirements. For e.g. – bom_manufacturer indicates BOM will sort as per manufacturer, loc_text indicates BOM sort as per locations created etc.

Similarly, for creation of the location wise report, we need to add a formula for sorting BOM location wise.

Step 3:

Add formula and break

As fig shows, select formula add into right side and check the sort of box. Make sure the formula will keep on the top. Click the apply and close button and then go to report.

Step 4:

Update Report Drawing

Now right click on repot and simply select update report drawing. Now the report will generate as per sorting apply to report.


With the help of such type of sorting, the manufacturer part data will automatically sort and output will come in terms of location wise. 

(Before apply sorting)

(After apply sorting)

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AUTHOR: Sugat Kamble, Application Engineer - Electrical

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