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Mohammed Arbaaz Ahmed, Application Engineer Jun 7th, 2024

When testing new versions of a file set, have you ever needed to compile all related files (parts, assemblies, drawings, references, decals, simulation results, etc.) into one file and either create a copy to start over without having to recreate all the data, or preserve a SOLIDWORKS version of the file set and send it to another SOLIDWORKS user in a zip file? Fortunately, SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go streamlines and expedites that process, including the ability to rename files and preserving file associativity regardless of the location of the original files.

How to use SOLIDWORKS Pack & Go

  • In SOLIDWORKS from Menu Bar Select File > Pack and Go…
  • Choose the related files that you want to include.

    Files can be saved in previous SOLIDWORKS versions.

    You can choose to store the files in the format of the previous two-year version as well.

  • Check Save to Zip Folder

    Suffix and prefix can be added to rename the file.

    When working on a file to make it different from the original or when producing a new revision of that file without deleting the original, suffixes and prefixes can be applied.

Moreover, you can use File Utilities in Windows Explorer to generate a Pack & Go. Choose Pack & Go when you right-click on a SOLIDWORKS file, then go to SOLIDWORKS in the menu.

Overall, the SOLIDWORKS pack and go feature makes it simple to exchange big assembly files with their component parts and their mutual references when transferring SOLIDWORKS between systems or sharing files outside of your workplace.

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AUTHOR: Mohammed Arbaaz Ahmed, Application Engineer

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