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  • Links in BOMs

In BOMs, you can manage links in a merged cell, for example, when several components use the same manufacturer part.

Links in BOMs

Links in BOMs


In a BOM or other reports, the report viewer displays links. These links display information like the properties, the location in the drawings of the selected element, or open the drawing and zoom the component. By clicking the right mouse button on the link, you can select the component you want to display the information

  • Add Data Files in the Export PDF

If you attach PDF files to the project as data files, you can export them in the exported PDF file.

Data files in export pdf

Data files in export pdf

When you select Export data files, a message displays the PDF file size. The PDF file gathers all the datafiles in a new section.

  • Testing the Query in the Expert Mode

When you edit report configurations in Expert mode, Test fully query includes the sort conditions and filters.

Test full query solidworks electrical 2022

Test full query SW Electrical 2022

In report configurations, the Expert mode option is on the SQL Query tab.

  • Displaying ERP Data in the Manufacturer Parts Manager

If you connect the ERP data, you can display it in the Manufacturer Parts Manager.

Display ERP data

Display ERP data

To display the ERP data in the Manufacturer Parts Manager, open the Column configuration and select the ERP data you want to show.

If you do not connect the ERP Data, you can only select the User data.

  • Including Data Sheets in Exported PDFs

You can include the data sheets associated with the manufacturer parts in exported PDF files.

Datasheet in export pdf

Datasheet in export pdf

A data sheet is a file, or a link associated to a manufacturer part. When you export the project drawings in a PDF file, the data sheets appear in the Data sheets section of the PDF. Click Export PDF file and select Create bookmarks and hyperlinks to create the Data sheets section.

  • Displaying Break Condition in Report Manager

In the Report Manager, you can display a Break condition column that shows the field in which you have created the break condition.

Break Condition in Report Manager

Break Condition in Report Manager

To display this column, select Break Condition. This column is not printable.

  • User Interface Redesign

The user interface is enhanced to be more ergonomic and user friendly.

New icons in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022

New icons in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022

  • New icons
  • You can Expand or Collapse the ribbon menu
  • The commands to manage external files are in a File menu
  • You can select the theme colour of the interface
  • The Drawing style commands move from the Tools menu to the Modify menu
  • The Search and Verify project commands move from the Tools menu to the Project menu
  • Attribute in Origin – Destination Arrows

In the Origin – Destination arrows feature, the attribute #P_CONNECTED_0 lets you display the mark of the components connected through the arrows.

Destination Arrow Feature SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022

Destination Arrow Feature

From the Symbols manager, edit the symbol of the type Origin – Destination arrows to add the attribute #P_CONNECTED_0.

  • Displaying All the Wire Numbers on the Middle of the Line

When you number the wires, you can select a specific mode allowing you to display the wire number on the middle of the line segment.

Displaying the wire numbers in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022

Displaying the Wire Numbers

When you connect an equipotential to three or more components, this Display mode lets show all the wire numbers on the middle of the line segment. You can select this mode in the Wire styles manager.

  • Electrical Content Portal Integration

Electrical Content Portal (ECP) is where you can download content, such as manufacturer parts, cable references, and files for 2D layouts.

Electrical Content Portal in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022

ECP Integration

A dockable panel displays the ECP interface. It lets you download content and automatically unarchive it into the respective libraries

  • Connection Point Creation Enhancements

Connection points (CPoints) let you connect wires or cables with connectors.

CPoints in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022

CPoints in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022

  • Commands to create the CPoints are available in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical menu.
  • You can assign Cpoints by selecting an edge or a cylindrical surface.
  • To delete an assignment in the CPoint Assignment table, right-click the row and select Delete CPoint(s).


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