SOLIDWORKS for Students

Invest in Your Future

In any country, Students are the hope for future developments of the nation. We in BEACON, understand this in depth and have always been the Support for every Student throughout his journey from a Engineering Student to a Design Professional. Every student should have access to the right information with the reight tools at the right time, and thats were BEACON brings you the right Courses with the amazing designing tool SOLIDWORKS at the right time to make your career bright. as a Student, you can go through various informative Whitepapers, Blogs, Videos and also avail perfect SOLIDWORKS Course for you from a variety of Courses we offer for students. Explore your arena of knowledge to build a well engineered world.


BEACON's SOLIDWORKS Certified Instructors conduct the live trainings


Watch. Learn. Practice. Learn

You can go through different videos we have uploaded in our youtube channel about SOLIDWORKS Tips & Tricks, Webinar Recordings, Feature detailing of SOLIDWORKS and other Solutions, etc. This will help you to gain more knowledge about the capapbilities of SOLIDWORKS Solutions and this can also help you to follow the mantra of Learning from Watching Videos and Practice what you have learned to improve yourself.

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