Energy demand is expected to be at its peak before 2030, where alternative energy will play a critical role. An unprecedented growth of solar and wind energy segment is expected. Modern technologies are a breakthrough to successfully establish the alternative energy industry. Designers face challenges in making the optimal use of materials to create profitable designs. Creating virtual prototypes of their products to reduce the number of prototypes, explore multiple design options, and analyse the design strength are few of the critical success factors for a Design Engineer.

Be it oil and gas, plant production, alternative fuel, wind, turbine, or water, SOLIDWORKS has the tools to help you look at more cost-effective ways to produce energy. Whether it is in product development, modeling, simulation, HVAC process layouts, electrical, conduit and piping systems, we can help you with your process and plant design projects. With our 3D design and analysis products or consulting services, our goal is to bring you success.

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