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Being amongst one of the best providers of Design and Manufacturing Automation solutions in India, since its inception in 2001, BEACON has grown both in its operational base as well as customers across the small, medium and large sectors. With this vast experience, BEACON has now forayed into the Woodworking / Furniture Industry with SWOOD Solutions by EFICAD which can help Design to Manufacturing.




EFICAD is established and provides a CAD/CAM software for education purposes.


EFICAD develops its first woodworking oriented CAD/CAM software.


EFICAD becomes a SOLIDWORKS Certified Solution Partner.
Upgrade of mechanical FAO solutions towards parametric 3D platform.


Ambition to offer a 3D solution for manufacturers and woodworking through the SOLIDWORKS software.
EFICAD employs 5 people.



EFICAD offers a complete range of solutions with its SWOOD portfolio. The complete software suite that speeds up all your projects!

EFICAD's team is constantly working together to develop user-friendly and performing software that fit seamlessly within one unique interface: SOLIDWORKS.

Do you want to improve and speed up your projects?

Are you interested in a complete and unique solution to go from design to manufacturing?

Would you like to take advantage of a unique environment that meets even your most complex needs?

SWOOD suite is for you!

SOLIDWORKS Draftsight 2D CAD Drawing

Woodworking Design Solution

SWOOD Design is a 3D parametric design software to create custom wood projects and cabinets. Manage materials, automate tasks, and create personalized reports within the SOLIDWORKS ecosystem.

Create & modify any custom designs using parametric capabilities. Our design solution offers wood specific features ideal for furniture modelling, interior fittings, & other complex projects.

Features specific for wood based projects

Parametric Design

  • 3D Parametric Design
  • Drag and Drop Insertion
  • Configurator

Materials Management

  • Grain Direction
  • Thickness
  • Edgebands
  • Laminates
  • Curved panel…


  • Traditional Joints or Hardware
  • Insertion Rules Creation
  • Tenon, Mortise, Dowels, Clamex…


  • Components Libraries (shelves, doors, drawers…)
  • Hardware (hinge, guide rail…)
  • Insertion of associated machining


Customizable documents

  • Cut lists
  • Hardware lists
  • Labels

Several outputs available (csv, html, excel…)


Design and produce efficiently with SWOOD

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SOLIDWORKS Draftsight 2D CAD Drawing

Manufacturing Solution

SWOOD CAM efficiently processes design information to program your CNC machines. Run simulations, generate production programs, and ensure smooth production – all within a single manufacturing software.

Send your 3D designs directly to the CNC machines like HOMAG, BIESSE, SCM, etc, by generating machine specific programs. Control your point-to-point processes with guaranteed machine compatibility.

Features for woodworking CAM processes

CNC Machines control

From 3 to 5 axis continuous


Control of machines (Homag, Biesse, SCM, IMA, Holzer, Felder, Masterwood, Maka...)

Woodworking Dedicated Tools Library

Drilling block, aggregates, horizontal spindle, edge banding aggregates...

Trajectories Simulation

With Material Removal

Automatic and Detailed Production Data

Cut lists Program lists Tools lists Labels

CNC Program Generation

Interfaces (woodWOP, BSolid, Maestro, Xilog, ImaWOP, BiesseWorks, TPA, NC-Hops...)

Worktable Positionning

in the SOLIDWORKS view

Complete associativity

Between SOLIDWORKS geometry and machining


Design and produce efficiently with SWOOD

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SOLIDWORKS Draftsight 2D CAD Drawing

Nesting Solution

SWOOD Nesting is an add-on to SWOOD CAM that optimizes material usage, reduces machining times, and creates specific strategies to ensure a smooth nesting process.

Optimize panel nesting with versatile strategies, including stay-down contour, panel labelling, and efficient holding methods (bridges, milling order). Achieve consistent results with grain matching!

Main features

Automatic Nesting

Optimisation on several projects

Several Optimisation Strategies

Specific Reporting Capabilities

Manual Optimisation/Modification


Design and produce efficiently with SWOOD

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SOLIDWORKS Draftsight 2D CAD Drawing

Automate your design and production process

SWOOD Center is an advanced automation solution that connects ERPs & sales configurators to SWOOD to streamline woodworking projects.

It bridges the gap between customer orders, SOLIDWORKS design, and production data by accurately converting orders into detailed production information.

Main features

Production automation, series or custom production

Integration with your company’s data

Communication along your digital chain


Design and produce efficiently with SWOOD

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SOLIDWORKS Draftsight 2D CAD Drawing

Timber Construction

SWOOD BW (Beam & Wall) is a software dedicated to timber and frame construction.

Thanks to the 3D parametric design capabilities, it allows the creation of complex and custom construction projects with their production.

Main features

3D Parametric and Flexible Design Tools

3D Complex Projects Creation

High Flexibility

Possibility to reuse models by changing dimensions

Geometric Analysis

Based on shape recognition

Import from various files (STEP, IFC...)

Several export configurations (Beams & Walls)

Easy and quick modifications

Total associativity thanks to the integration within SOLIDWORKS


Design and produce efficiently with SWOOD

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