Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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SOLIDWORKS 2024 General Information

Beacon provides best-in-class SOLIDWORKS training and we have libraries of webinars and short training videos on various platforms. For more details visit

Yes, it is supported. Below are the virtual environments for SOLIDWORKS 2024. Visit for more information.

VMware vSphere ESXi6.7
VMware Workstation15
Microsoft Hyper-V 2020
Parallels Desktop, Mac 14
Citrix XenServer7.6

The Previous Release Interoperability function allows latest files to be opened in SOLIDWORKS with limited functionality

SOLIDWORKS certified gold partner products can be used and will run on latest version of SOLIDWORKS. Custom programs/add-ins should be checked to ensure they are compatible with the latest release. For more info on gold partner products/add-ins visit

SOLIDWORKS solution is widely used in most of the industries today. Industries such as Industrial Equipments, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Consumer products, Life sciences and medical equipments, Hi-tech electronics, Heavy machinery, Home automation and Lifestyle and many more.

SOLIDWORKS meticulosly works to improve and enhance the software to make it more efficient to its users based on industry trends, needs and user feedback/requirements.Hence, It is always best to use latest release for maximum leverage.

SOLIDWORKS for Students

SOLIDWORKS is a complete CAD-CAM-CAE solution in a single ecosystem. SOLIDWORKS solution brings all aspects of design and development under one roof such as Mechanical design, Electronic and Electromechanical design, Electrical design, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Plastic Injection Moulding, Technical Documentation, Manufacturing.

BEACON is a Authorised Training Centre of SOLIDWORKS. Please visit

SOLIDWORKS provides an exclusive student version and education bundles. Click here to know the latest enhancements in SOLIDWORKS education.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Installation

SOLIDWORKS is currently on version 2024

Installation Manager is a standalone application which can download,install, update, repair, modify and repair all SOLIDWORKS products. Additionally it is the interface used to create and manage administrative images, individual installations. It can be downloaded from the customer portal.

All versions of SOLIDWORKS installation manager uses windows installer to install all products. It is a silent installation passing all the requirements for installation. User can specify the folder location for installation which will be used as the root folder for installation of all products.

A series of checks and upgrade have to be completed before upgrading a SOLIDWORKS version. It includes hardware specification check, graphic card drivers, PDM upgrade. We recommend to use our technical support to make the process smoother.

You can download the media from SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal. All versions and service packs are available in the portal. Click here to download

Yes, You can multiple versions of SOLIDWORKS installed at the same time. It is not recommended unless there is a real need.

The option to upgrade to 2024 or latest version is available. But, if the upgrade is being done skipping two or more major versions it is recommended to uninstall the existing version and follow clean installation.

When a SOLIDWORKS Toolbox directory is located on a shared server location, upgrading the local client SOLIDWORKS installation may not update the database. Contact BEACON tech support for assistance.

SOLIDWORKS customer portal, gives any and every information regarding SOLIDWORKS

Download the media from SOLIDWORKS customer portal and run the installation manager to upgrade.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Standalone licensing

No, the existing serial number will be entitled for all versions of SOLIDWORKS, provided the license is under Active Subsciption Services.

Product activation is an anonymous, secure, and hassle free process that authenticates licensed users during the installation process. The process verifies that the serial number is legitimate, and has not been activated on more systems than allowed by the SOLIDWORKS End-User License Agreement (EULA). It does not affect the ability of licensed users to use their software the way they have always done.

If you are installing on a computer that will never be connected to the Internet, you can activate your license by emailing your request file directly to SOLIDWORKS. You can send the request to, once you receive the email response continue with the manual activation.

All product of SOLIDWORKS will run from a single license manager tool. Multiple license numbers can be entered in the separated by commas

SOLIDWORKS 2024 SolidNetWork Licensing (network/floating) licensing

You can differentiate between type of license by looking at the serial key a network license i.e. an SNL starts with serial key 901 or 001 where as a standalone serial key starts with 900 where the 3rd digit is not one(1)

SOLIDWORKS application only runs windows platform : One can use a Server OS of Windows available to install a License Manager server or normal Windows OS which is used in personal computers. Further more if version compatibility check is required, kindly go through the link

Yes, as all the tools are associated with SOLIDWORKS application hence all of the mentioned tools can be ran, tracked in one license manager given that all the tools are installed in the same server machine and share a identical serial key.

There might be several reasons for not able to fetch the license from the server. Some of the common reasons are 1. Server and Client machines not being on the same network. 2. Firewall blocking the information exchange between server and client machine. 3. Antivirus blocking the process. 4. License manager in the server being of lower version than the SOLIDWORKS installed in the client computer.

Yes, the license usage can be tracked SolidNetwork License Manager(In both server and client). In the license usage tab we can see which Computer has consumed which License and license borrowed information if there is any.

Yes, if a license manager is installed in the server is of the latest version then any version of SOLIDWORKS application installed below the version of license manager server in the client machine is compatible and can be accessed.

When someone purchases a SOLIDWORKS CAD licenses weather it could be a Standard, Professional or Premium in the license count standard will be added as basic. For ex if a customer purchases 1 Standard 1 Professional and 1 Premium the license count in the license manager tab will be displayed as 3 Standard 1 Professional and 1 Premium. It is because when the user starts SOLIDWORKS it will fetch SOLIDWORKS Standard license and it will continue to be that unless that user enables an add-in/uses the options available in SOLIDWORKS Professional or SOLIDWORKS Premium

The License Order tab allows a manager or CAD Administrator to change the order of product taken from the server if multiple levels of SOLIDWORKS Simulation products are available on the network (e.g. SW Premium, SW Simulation, SW Simulation Pro, SW Simulation Premium).

It is a tab in the license manager where you can borrow the license i.e. take the license offline until a particular time and date, so that the license can be used when the server and client is not in the same network.

First things make sure you are entitled to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2024 by being in active Subscription. Run the SOLIDWORKS installation manager set-up select Network installations and you can follow the same installation process to upgrade. Also make sure that the licenses are returned back to the server before starting the upgrade.

Yes, if one has an access to the server where the license manager is installed or needs to be installed

SOLIDWORKS Website, SOLIDWORKS help and also in SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Guide

The License Order tab allows a manager or CAD Administrator to change the order of product taken from the server if multiple levels of SOLIDWORKS Simulation products are available on the network (e.g. SW Premium, SW Simulation, SW Simulation Pro, SW Simulation Premium).

If the type of license is a network license and the products are have different serial key, then you can enter multiple serial numbers by separating them with commas. For example, you may enter SOLIDWORKS, PDM, and/or Simulation SolidNetWork serial numbers separated by commas.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Activation

As per the installation procedure ,once setup.exe is run, one will be asked for Serial number input, enter the serial number and complete the installation. After installation for the first time SOLIDWORKS Application is opened. Choose the option to Activate now> click next> select option> over internet (recommened) and chose the products to activate> click next. SW gets activated.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Online Licensing

Online licensing is the one where you can simply log in on opening SOLIDWORKS to use your license. You can log in to SOLIDWORKS from different machines to have access. Only one machine can have an active session at one time. Closing SOLIDWORKS will end the session and allow another machine to be logged in. the login credentials is same as the customer portal login.

Specific licenses are assigned to different users, so the proper license is obtained when logging in. This is specified when setting up online licensing. This will only apply to standalone licenses (not network/floating licenses).

By default, the SOLIDWORKS software is set up to use machine activation. If you have the SOLIDWORKS software installed on a machine, you must manually deactivate the license and then, change the activation type to use online licensing. For more details, visit:

Online licensing requires internet connection. If you are going to be offline and want to work on SOLIDWORKS, the license can be borrowed for a period of 30 days at a time.

We have an option to borrow SOLIDWORKS license for 30days at a time and continue to use it while offline.

SOLIDWORKS 2024 Hardware Recommendations

SOLIDWORKS in partnership with hardware companies runs a benchmark and certifies the workstation for SOLIDWORKS. Click here to know the recommended hardware

SOLIDWORKS in partnership with hardware companies runs a benchmark and certifies the Mobile workstation for SOLIDWORKS.

Windows 10 is highly recommended for SOLIDWORKS 2024

16 GB Would be minimum requirement for Optimum Performance

SSD Harddrive is recommended for Optimum Performance

SOLIDWORKS Certified Graphics Cards are recommended, for more information please contact BEACON Tech support


No, it is not required. You can directly upgrade to the latest release by downloading the appropriate files.