Automate CNC programming- SOLIDWORKS CAM leverages the rich content in the 3D CAD model to perform Smart Manufacturing and reduce error prone, time consuming, repetitive steps as in the current Manual process



SOLIDWORKS CAM leverages the rich content in the 3D CAD model to speed up product development and reduce error prone, time consuming, repetitive manual steps in the current development process, like programming CNC machines. Knowledge Based Machining (KBM) is the foundation for streamlining the programming process, learning as you program which frees up your time to focus on the critical areas of the components.

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  • Feature Recognition

    With patented Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) technology, the SOLIDWORKS CAM can recognize 20+ types of machinable features on parts such as holes, slots and pockets.

  • 2.5 Axis Milling

    SOLIDWORKS CAM includes automatic roughing, finishing, thread milling, face milling and single point (drilling, boring, reaming, tapping) cycles.

  • Improve quality through standardization!

    Capture your Best Practices into a company owned databaseSOLIDWORKS CAM will automatically select your machining strategies, tools, feeds & speeds Helps new programmers to quickly become productive

  • Tolerance Based Machining

    Model Based Definition (MBD) is leveraged to ensure machining strategies are automatically adjusted based on tolerance specifications. Reading tolerances and surface finishes will help you to make decisions about how to manufacture your product.

  • Turning

    SOLIDWORKS CAM has turning capabilities that include face rough and finish, rough and finish turn, groove rough and finish, rough and finish bore, cut-off, ID and OD threading, and drill, and tap on center.

  • Automate Machine Times

    Automate machine time calculation and compare it to traditional methods for ensuring all aspects of a part are accounted for ahead of time before committing to production.

  • High-Speed Machining (HSM)

    SOLIDWORKS Cam utilizes Volumill for high performance roughing capabilities which allows programmers to reduce cycle times by up to 80%, reduce programming times by up to 50% and increase Tool Life by up to 500%.

  • 3 + 2 Programming

    SOLIDWORKS CAM can employ a machining technique where a three-axis milling program is executed with the cutting tool locked in a tilted position using the five-axis machine's two rotational axes.

  • Associative Machining

    Any modifications made to the SOLIDWORKS design are automatically updated in SOLIDWORKS CAM, which eliminates time consuming CAM system rework due to design alterations.



CNC Programming Capability Standard Professional
2.5 Axis Milling
Feature Recognition and Rules Based Machining
Area Clear Roughing, Flat Area , and Z Level Finishing
Standard Features
Tolerance Base Machining - TBM
Assembly Machining and CAM Configuration Support
4 & 5 Axis Indexing -3+2 Machining
VoluMill 2.5 Axis Roughing
Turning for CNC Lathes


Connected to SOLIDWORKS

Direct or "deep" integration allows SOLIDWORKS CAM to take advantage of information in your 3D CAD model so it's easy for your team to make better, more-informed decisions.

Automate Using Tolerance Based Machining

Generate Toolpaths Directly from SOLIDWORKS MBD/PMI information!

Easily standardizes processes

While SOLIDWORKS CAM can be used like any other CAM software—setting up operations, picking tools, setting speeds and feeds—the real advantage is found running SOLIDWORKS CAM in the automated mode

Reduce Delivery Time and Improve Quality!

Accelerate the Programming Process

Program in SOLIDWORKS using feature based intelligent machining with full model to toolpath associativity!

Cut Cycle Times and Increase Production - VoluMill

Reduce cycle time by up to 80%, increase Tool Life by 500%!


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Pressure Control Engineer, T3 Energy Services

SOLIDWORKS is the best and preferred solution for oil and Gas equipment product design. It has all in one package integration with CAD, Simulation and Flow Analysis. This CAD Operation requires minimum duration of training to get hands on.

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