SOLIDWORKS for Process & Plant Industry

Challenges for Process & Layout Engineering

  • Creating drawings, manuals and documentation using multiple CAD Tools
  • Integration of Site and Terrain data for projects
  • Inaccuracy in design creates engineering rework and delays
  • Generating Procurement list for projects
Challenges for Process & Layout Engineering Challenges for Process & Layout Engineering


SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software enables you to model, visualize, and evaluate the design of large assemblies, which often contain thousands of individual components and subassemblies. In addition to viewing components as a single part or in the context of an assembly, you can adjust component transparency and use sectioning tools to reveal the inner workings of designs that you previously could not visualize. With the large-assembly collision detection tools found in SOLIDWORKS software, you can check for interference during the early stages of design development when problems are easier to fix, rather than discovering errors late in the design cycle when they are more costly and time-consuming to resolve. Plant Layout Data can be imported for design reference as well. Production-ready 2D Drawings with DraftSight, as well as General Arrangement Drawings with a complete Bill of Materials, can be generated with ease.

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Challenges in Project Management

  • On-time Project Delivery
  • Data entry duplication
  • Poor visibility on previous projects that could be used on new projects
  • Resource management
Challenges in Project Management


Completely integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD software, the SOLIDWORKS PDM system enables you to safeguard, control, and manage valuable project data. Powerful search tools help you find applicable design data quickly and easily, so you can apply previous reference data to future projects. Comprehensive workflow can be setup which replicates organizational workflow for seamless and streamlined data management. Facilitating compliance with government regulatory requirements and industry standards. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can bolster compliance for several types of regulatory requirements, such as FDA, RoHS, ISO 9001 and 14000, ANSI, and others. Also, SOLIDWORKS Manage helps to analyse project variables like Resource management, Project Management, BOM Management etc

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Challenges in Design Validation

  • Understand real-life performance reducing need for physical prototypes or over-design
  • Understanding structural behaviour due to multiple loading conditions in compliance industry standards.
Prototypes with Solidworks 3d cad Prototypes with Solidworks 3d cad Prototypes with Solidworks 3d cad Prototypes with Solidworks 3d cad Solidworks simulation and motion design analysis


SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Motion design analysis enables engineers can accurately model and validate the loading and kinematics performance of equipment and components, minimizing prototyping and build-and-break testing. Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation, oil and gas engineers can validate the performance of structures ranging from simple components to large offshore platforms. You can easily apply a wide range of loads, dramatically reducing the potential for field failures and minimizing—or even eliminating—the costs and delays associated with prototyping and testing. The SOLIDWORKS Motion feature enables you to realize similar benefits by conducting kinematics and dynamic response analyses on moving assemblies and mechanisms. This capability is especially useful for assemblies such as cranes and drill pipe handling equipment, which must operate in confined spaces offshore. SOLIDWORKS Motion can help engineers with tasks that range from sizing motors and actuators to determining power consumption, developing cams, and improving gear-drive performance.

Watch Video: Animation using Mate Controller with SOLIDWORKS CAD

With the help of SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Pressure vessel design studies help users to combine the effects of multiple independent loading scenarios, combining results from multiple static studies to calculate stress due to dead load, live load, thermal load, seismic load etc.

Analyze in compliance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code(SectionVIII, Div 2) which defines five stress intensity limits:

  • General Primary Stress Intensity.
  • Local Membrane Stress Intensity.
  • Primary Membrane Plus Primary Membrane Stress Intensity.
  • Primary Plus Secondary Stress Intensity.
  • Peak Stress Intensity.
  • Other codes and requirements may be followed.

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Comprehensive Plant Design Solution – Partner Solutions


  • Maintaining Project Specification Data
  • Integration of P&ID with 3D with data exchange
  • No Tools to utilize existing equipment for Plant design


SolidPlant is a comprehensive plant design solution for SOLIDWORKS. SolidPlant 3D contains a very large set of manufacturer catalogs of pipe components, pumps, valves, gaskets, etc. driven by a Structured Query Language (SQL) Server database that allows specifications to be picked / created. Routing is then done based on these specifications. In addition, SolidPlant also includes equipment model and structure templates to put a profile and area in which routing will take place. SolidPlant also has an automatic isometrics drawings generator.


  • Comprehensive catalog list
  • Database-driven
  • Specification creator
  • Automated piping/ routing
  • Equipment/ structural design






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