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"Black death", also known as the plague, was the deadliest pandemic recorded in human history with causality of 75 – 200 million lives in Europe and North Africa during 1346-1353. The pandemic directly challenged and showed the failure of the existing medieval medicines and led towards reformation and reassessment of the medical practices. Healthcare industry is an ever-evolving volatile industry that is bombarded constantly with different challenges. Time to market, innovation, cost reduction, global competition, quality, government regulations and the massive responsibility of patient safety are but a few of the paramount challenges faced in the industry. Modern age ailments, medical conditions, peoples’ lifestyle, changing environment conditions, newfound epidemics and pandemics pose unlimited challenges to better everyone’s life. From depending on wearables like fitness bands, health tracking devices to wearing masks and using air purifiers, we constantly change the way we live our lives to the ever-changing conditions.

Medical Device Designers are now more than ever, expected to come up with new innovative designs quickly that are cost effective without compromising efficiency and safety regulation to meet the growing demands and requirements. We have examples of this all around us, COVID-19 has been pushing the limitations of our technologies for a cheaper and innovative alternative to existing sanitization systems. IISC’s Dwaar is one such Indian innovation inspired by the pandemic. IISC’s Dwaar utilized a UV- based bag sanitization chamber, with a hand sanitizer and a couple of sensors to monitor the temperature and identity of the students entering the campus. Ideas are all around us, it is the path to transform the ideas to reality that must be discovered.



  • Constant innovation
  • Effective designs
  • Aesthetics
  • Time to market

Several variables are considered when we are talking about a satisfactory design from the perspective of a medical designer. The design needs to be comfortable to use, easily operable, fit for function without complications, aesthetically pleasing, while keeping the cost in check with highest regards to safety of the patient. While the designer must consider these factors, his designs also should pave the way for innovation and improvements to compensate for the constant changes and evolution of the industry.

mobile ICU 3d cad design with solidworks software


SOLIDWORKS provides a parametric solution coupled with a user-friendly interface and short learning curve, creating an efficient, effective and an accurate solution for all the design requirements. Medical designs can tend to be complex and SOLIDWORKS is highly flexible and adaptable to make changes during any stage of the design development process. Designs can also be investigated for production, cost effectiveness by identifying areas that are difficult, expensive, or impossible to manufacture using the various inbuilt tools.

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  • Proof of concept and report generation
  • Product reliability and safety
  • Optimization

Healthcare is a wide industry with varied design applications and requirements from diagnostic and clinical equipment to surgical tools, implants, drug delivery systems, and pharmaceutical packaging systems. From creating concept design to different stages of product development, designs undergo various scrutiny to justify the behavior of the product and understanding whether it will perform as expected. Design validation is regarded as one of the most important stages in product development and often requires various reports to justify the safety and reliability of the concept.

 Frequency analysis on a CT scanner  Flow Simulation analysis for an oxygen delivery system


SOLIDWORKS Simulation offers varying capabilities to analyze the design to create the proof of concept by leveraging the cad data. The validation environment is in-built right into the CAD solution, so that you can perform easy design modifications while checking its feasibility and making configuration specific studies with automated report generation. SOLIDWORKS Simulation has a set of versatile and powerful solutions capable of performing structural, kinematic, frequency and vibration studies that is used by designers and manufactures all over the world to evaluate the performance, improve quality and gain valuable insights on the product functionality. SOLIDWORKS Simulation can further improve your designs with its capability on Computational Fluid Dynamics, Design Optimization, Plastics and Non-Linear Dynamic solutions.

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Electrical and Electronics PRODUCT DESIGN


  • Creating harmony in mechatronics design.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Cost reduction

Today’s medical industry is highly volatile and competitive, and changes almost daily. Designers must develop new products quickly, at lower cost, while making sure of consistent high quality and performance. Success in this challenging environment requires a rapid innovation with shorter design cycles that reduce both time-to-market and engineering costs.

Mechatronics design with solidworks 3d cad


SOLIDWORKS Electrical and PCB automates product design, making it easy for you to take a design from concept to prototype and documents every step along the way. Working on a truly integrated design platform will help you to reduce repetitive design tasks substantially, access analysis capabilities within the same environment easily, and create comprehensive design documentation automatically.

Advanced Product Data Management system

Solidworks pdm manage and plm solutions


  • Maintaining the healthcare regulatory standards or process.
  • Managing and tracking history or reference of design.
  • Collaborating users across organizations.

Healthcare is a vast industry with ever demanding consumers for better, reliable, and compact ways to deliver the product to the consumers. With the pandemic and the raise in health and hygiene awareness among the consumers. It puts a huge responsibility on industries to follow-up end to end regulatory protocols and standards in healthcare. At the same time handling, securing, and managing the product development across organization with advanced and easy to use tools.


SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) tools offer capabilities to manage organization data, processes, reuse of legacy data, BOM, etc. SOLIDWORKS Data management tools PDM & Manage are PLM Solutions from SOLIDWORKS that allow organization to incorporate processes defined by medical council and other standard bodies, helping in auditing the process incorporation. Generate reports such as DHF for the designed files and keep track of design developments and their references across the database. Maintain the latest version of files across the organization to reduce mismatch of data, manage BOM variants, assign resources and tasks to project and process and quickly overview the performance with a live dashboard.

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Drawingless documentation with PMI
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