Srigandha R, Application Engineer Jun 28th, 2022

Has the XY co-ordinates disappeared for your elaborate circuit design? Are you having trouble
navigating through the co-ordinate system representation in SOLIDWORKS Electrical? Here’s
the solution!

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Coordinate System

There are three modes for the Coordinates representation and these modes can be accessed by
clicking the Coordinates toggle option next to the grid icon in the status bar as shown below:

Another option to activate the toggle is on the left bottom corner of the status bar where the
status of the Coordinates, are represented as shown below:

The three modes of Coordinate System in SOLIDWORKS Electrical are:

  • COORDINATES DISPLAY DEACTIVATEDThe display of coordinates will not be shown in this mode. To activate and view the
    coordinate values, we can toggle the coordinates option.
  • (A)This mode activates the coordinate system and shows instantaneous values of X & Y.
    This mode can be used to utilize the XY values while designing elaborate schemes like
    generating Macros for Excel Automation.
  • (R)This mode represents the radian angle values at the specified points highlighted by the
    cursor. This can be utilized for a specific point at any given instance.

With this Coordinates tool, your extensive designs are made easy to navigate, help you work
efficiently and effectively. Go on, It’s Time to Design with Precision!

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