SOLIDWORKS For Mesh Modelling

Pruthvi KV, Sr. Application Engineer Oct 7th, 2020

Learn how to easily harness the complex 3D mesh data to build a comprehensive CAD model

Visual Roadmap

  • Mesh Editing
  • Mesh Modelling
  • Advanced Mesh Modelling

Evolution of for Mesh Modelling

Mesh Editing

  • File import
  • Convert to mesh bodies
  • Mesh decimation
  • Direct editing

File import

  • *.stl, *.obj, *.off, *.ply, *.ply2

Convert to mesh bodies

  • Determine mass properties
  • Create reference planes.
  • Detect interference.

Mesh decimation

  • Simplify mesh for optimal performance (reduce number of facets by percentage)

Direct editing

  • Intelligent usage of native commands to add/remove features.

Mesh Modelling

  • Convert Mesh regions into surfaces
  • Boolean Operations

Convert Mesh regions into surfaces

  • Planar, cylindrical, conical & spherical.
  • Selectable and usable surfaces.

Boolean Operations

  • Add/subtract features
  • Combine, intersect, split, move bodies

Advanced Mesh Modelling

  • Slicing Tool
  • Mesh surface editing
  • 3D Texture

Slicing Tool

  • Automatic generation of sketches and sketch planes from a mesh file.
  • Edit sketches from mesh.

Mesh surface editing

  • Repair mesh geometry with ease.
  • Geometry changes using powerful Surface tools.(trim, extend, offset, thicken, shell)

3D Texture

  • Transform textural appearances on parts into geometry
  • Easily 3D print complex to model features like knurling, etc.

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AUTHOR: Pruthvi KV, Sr. Application Engineer

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