Formlabs Automation Ecosystem: Make Anything at Scale


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Experience a new level of productivity with unmanned 3D printing that works without an operator, from anywhere, and tirelessly on weekends, increasing productivity by 3x, saving up to 30% on print production costs and up to 80% on labor costs.

The Formlabs automation ecosystem is a suite of hardware and software solutions consisting of Form Auto, Fleet Control, and High Volume Resin System that automate the operation of one or multiple 3D printers. .

Increase your ability to produce high-quality, low-cost parts by running 24/7 back-to-back production with no operator interaction. With Form Auto, the printed output is automatically removed from the 3D printer, queued, and then printed. With easy-to-implement solutions, you can automate your fleet’s operation and eliminate idle printer time.

Are you ready to create an unmanned 3D printing lab? Register now and join us for an online product demo session!

You’ll learn:

  • Form Auto Product Demonstration
  • How to quickly automate your printer and produce many parts in record time
  • How you can scale your fleet without adding complexity
  • How to minimize printing and labor costs with an automation ecosystem


  • Title
  • Formlabs Automation Ecosystem: Make Anything at Scale
  • Date
  • Thursday March 30, 2023
  • Time
  • 09:30 AM IST


  • Mr. Marcus Liang APAC Applications Engineer Lead

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