Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Subscription

Mr. Melvin B Nadar, Application Engineer - Enterprise Product, BEACON Apr 30th, 2019


So when I say subscription the first question that comes to our mind is why should I go for subscription.
Yes in this article we are going to have a brief overview about the



• SOLIDWORKS Technical Support on Priority Basis:

Now the firm has this one common question we have experienced Engineer with us so why we will go for support ,but in any case if your engineer got struck in some command in SolidWorks point of view or if the product he has designed gets corrupted so here we have dedicated Engineers who works only on SolidWorks.

• SOLIDWORKS Training on various modules for Design Engineer:

If you have hired new Design engineer SolidWorks Training will be Provided to the designer, topics covered in the training session.

1. Essential
2. Drafting
3. Advance

And one advance training as per the company profile i.e if the firm is working on Sheetmetal or Surfacing or Weldments additional training on this topic will be given to the designer.
So what is the advantage of this training for the firm, if you hire new Engineer it will take minimum 1 month for him to understand the design process of the company but as we have already worked with firm and if you are in subscription we would provide training as per your designing process which will hardly take 7-8 working days.

• SOLIDWORKS Proactive Visits:

We will be conducting Proactive visits where we will be working with the designer and make sure that the software is utilised properly, also following activities will be conducted

• Productivity Workshop

Here we will be conducting workshop related to software.

• Tips & Tricks

Here we will be providing tips & tricks to the designer as per the product designed by firm to make sure that the time utilized to design the product can be reduced and the productivity can be increased which would directly help the firm.

• Advance Training:

As discussed, advance training will be provided for the designer, but once the training is completed and still the firm feels some additional training would be required, we will arrange accordingly so that the productivity from software point of view can be increased.

• Latest Versions & Service Pack Updates:

The firm will be provided with the Latest Version of the Software and every upgrade has some additional feature also there will be some enhancement in the software, and also, WhatsNew session on the latest version will also be conducted where the additional feature and enhancement will be shown to the designer.

• Certification for Design Engineers to evaluate designers Software compatibility:

Designer can apply for certification, where we will be conducting exams related to SolidWorks part developing and yes the best advantage of this Certification program is that Certificate will be directly provided from the Dassault Systèmes itself.


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AUTHOR: Mr. Melvin B Nadar, Application Engineer - Enterprise Product, BEACON

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