Interactive Content in SOLIDWORKS COMPOSER with Views Workshop

Pritish Zanjad, Application Engineer Jan 29th, 2024

Interactive content is the need of the hour in the modern product marketing industry. SOLIDWORKS COMPOSER is an easy-to-use application for generating such content from various CAD data. SOLIDWORKS COMPOSER has several ways to generate interactive content. In this blog, we will look at the ‘Views Workshop’ for adding intelligence to your project.

Views Workshop is used to create custom views that capture either all or only specific information such as material, location, etc. of the actors in the view. These views can be linked to the actors to create motion such as extending and retracting the link as shown below:

Let’s look at the steps used to create such interactive content:

  • Explode the Flange and Link:
    • The flange is transformed to the required location.
    • The Link is attached to the transformed flange with the help of ‘Copy Transformation in World Coordinate System’ option.
  • Create Extended Custom View:
    • Select the transformed Flange and Link and click on the Views workshop.
    • In the View workshop’s properties tab, select the ‘Custom’ radio button.
    • In the options available we can select the properties that we want to capture with this custom view. In this example, we will select the location and link properties.
  • Click on the ‘Create’ button to create the custom view.
  • Rename the view to ‘Extended.’
  • Create Retracted Custom View:
    • Select the extended Flange and Link, right click and select ‘Restore Neutral Position’ to bring it back to its original position.
    • While selected, go to the Views workshop.
    • We will apply the same settings as we did for the Extended custom view.
    • Click on the ‘Create’ button to create the custom view.
    • Rename the view to ‘Retracted.’
  • Linking Views with the Actors:
    • Open the Default view and select Flange and Link.
    • In the property window, scroll to the ‘Link’ property under the ‘Event’ row.
    • Click the ‘ … ’ icon.
    • In the ‘Select a Link’ box, go to the URL command at the bottom.
    • From the drop-down list select the ‘view://’ option.
    • From the drop-down list, beside it, select the ‘Extended’ custom view that we created.
    • Click OK and check the link has been applied and update the view.
    • Go to the Extended view and select Flange and Link.
    • In the same way, link the actors with the ‘Retracted’ custom view.
    • Finally, got to the Retracted view and link the Flange and Link with the ‘Extended’ custom view.
  • Testing the Linked custom views:
    • Go to the Default view.
    • Turn off the ‘Design Mode’.
    • Click on the Flange or Link. Observe it extending.
    • Click on the extended Flange or Link. Observe it retracting.

In this way, interactive motion can be easily created with the help of SOLIDWORKS COMPOSER. This can be saved and published for online experience or showing working procedures of your projects. Thus, SOLIDWORKS COMPOSER provides you with an amazing experience with interactive technical publications for showcasing product details by exquisite user intervention via Custom Views workshop.

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AUTHOR: Pritish Zanjad, Application Engineer

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