Managing your folder structure on the cloud with 3DEXPERIENCE Bookmark Editor

Pritish Zanjad, Application Engineer Feb 12th, 2024

In today’s industrial development, data is created and consumed at a rapid pace. With such a huge amount of data, it becomes crucial to plan and organize this data for ease of traceability and maneuverability. On the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud, all the data is stored on the 3DSpace App, but different types of files are stored together without classification. Therefore, to further organize the data as per your requirement in the 3DSpace, the Bookmark Editor app can be used. These bookmarks are stored on the 3DSpace.

Bookmark Editor helps you to classify, organize, and quickly navigate through your data on the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud. With this, you can create a folder structure similar to that of Windows Explorer. Furthermore, you can also set the maturity state to the created bookmark and share it with other members of the platform while maintaining certain access rights. Let’s look into how to create a bookmark on the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud.

  • Launch the Bookmark Editor App from the Collaborative Industry Innovator role.
  • Click the ‘New Bookmark’ button.
  • Specify Title for your Bookmark.
  • Select the 3DSpace where you want to store the bookmark.
  • You can also provide a description if required.
  • Click ‘Create’ to create the bookmark or ‘Create Another’ to continue creating multiple bookmarks.

Notice the created bookmark gets added to the list of bookmarks.

  • Double click to open the created bookmark.
  • To organize the previous uploaded files on the 3DSpace:
    • Click ‘Add Existing Content’ button.
    • Search for the files and click ‘OK’.
    • The file appears in the bookmark.
  • To maintain different types of files, we can create Sub-Bookmarks.
    • Click ‘New Bookmark’ button.
    • Enter the details as specified earlier.
    • A new bookmark is created inside the ‘Extra Parts’ bookmark.
  • To upload files from the local machine:
    • Open the new bookmark.
    • Click the ‘Upload’ button.
    • Select the Files to upload to the platform and click ‘Open’.
    • In the opened dialog box, you can specify a new title and/or description if required.
    • All the selected files get uploaded into the bookmark.
  • To upload full folder:
    • Click the ‘Folder Upload’ button.
    • Select the folder and click ‘Upload’.

Note: The folder gets uploaded maintaining the structure and creating new bookmarks for each subfolder.

  • Sharing the Bookmark with other members of your platform:
    • Select the bookmarks you want to share.
    • Click the ‘Share’ option.
    • Dialogue box with different access rights opens.
    • As per the access right you want to assign, search/type the member against it.
    • Click ‘Share’.

Thus, the Bookmark Editor allows us to not only organizes the uploaded but also gives options to upload new data to the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud. We can upload single files or even a complete folder with all the sub-folders and files. We can also maintain the folder structure and manage access rights for the members as per our requirements.

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AUTHOR: Pritish Zanjad, Application Engineer

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