Storing Templates on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Basavraj Keshatti Sr. Application Engineer - 3DEXPERIENCE Works Jan 31st, 2023

3DEXPERIENCE Works Platform offers ENOVIA PLM Capabilities for all CAD users.

3DEXPERIENCE Platform provides the unique capabilities to the Engineering team to manage
and organize the CAD data to the Platform.

Templates are a great way to control standards and to help ensure consistency throughout
the designs that many users create. Templates are usually tailored to company-specific
requirements and can save you time during the initial setup.

You can create custom templates to use as the basis for new part, drawing and assembly

In your template, you can customize document properties such as units of measure and
dimensioning standards and custom properties. You can also include items such as sketches, notes
and features in the graphics area. By using shared templates, users ensure that key specifications
such as units and document appearance are consistent across designs, regardless of the individual

Managing templates through the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform facilitates enforcing

Storing Template Files in 3DEXPERIENCE

If a template is new (does not yet exist in 3DEXPERIENCE), all the Save commands open the
Create Template dialogue box shown in the following image:

Figure 1: Create Template

    In this dialogue box, you can:

  • Specify a Title – In the default state, the title specifies a template file name without an extension.
  • Specify a Description – In the default state, the description is empty.
  • Create As Released – This option stores the template in 3DEXPERIENCE in a Released state.
  • Create As Private – This option stores the template in 3DEXPERIENCE in a Private state.

Edit Template

If a template file already exists in 3DEXPERIENCE, all Save commands open the Edit Template dialogue box shown in the next image. Silent save is not supported for templates.

Figure 2: Edit Template

    In this dialogue box you can:

  • Override the Title and the Description.
  • Save the template modifications.
  • Reset fields to the default value.
    After saving the template in 3DEXPERIENCE:

  • MySession refreshes and shows 3DEXPERIENCE information that relates to the template.
  • The template file becomes available in the New SOLIDWORKS Document dialogue box from
    SOLIDWORKS File > New, under the 3DEXPERIENCE tab.

Template files must be locked before you can save them again after the initial save. If the
template file is not locked, the following message appears:

Figure 3:if template is not locked message occurs

Templates in the MySession Widget

Templates cannot have external references. Therefore, MySession shows a single row when
a template is open in SOLIDWORKS:

Figure 4: Template extensions

Templates you create in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform have the following characteristics:
– They use the XCAD Template type, governed by the Engineering Resource Classic policy.
– They are searchable (they are indexed). “XCADtemplate”

Figure 5: XCADtemplate Engineering Resource Classic Policy

– You can delete them using the Collaborative Lifecycle or Bookmark Editor app. Administrative privileges are required to delete templates in the Frozen, Released and Obsolete states.

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