Streamlining Document Collaboration: Unleashing the Power of 3DEXPERIENCE Works with Collaboration for Microsoft

Nikhil Pise, Sr. Application Engineer Jul 6th, 2023

While working in the organization we work with various types of files, and the document files are very crucial assets into any department. In the past we had to deal with the piles of physical copies of documents, but nowadays all the documents are digitalized, and that digital documents are also so crucial to work with and manage them.

3DEXPERIENCE Collaboration for Microsoft allows all project participants to create and access project information from the most popular Microsoft applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Windows Explorer, and Windows Desktop Search. This capability enables enterprise-level projects and company-wide collaboration without impacting the established productivity of participants. Because project content is managed on the participant’s 3DEXPERIENCE platform rather than on her PC. The organization can now create, manage, and review project content more securely. By providing native integration with Microsoft applications, it minimizes the training burden for participants and supports rapid adoption of cumulative project collaboration.

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerate ROI by providing a holistic, comprehensive, unified view of an organization’s business.
  • Increase participant acceptance by making project content easy to access using popular Microsoft apps.
  • Leverage project data to improve collaboration and decision-making across projects and across the organization.
  • Leverage project data to improve collaboration and decision-making across projects and across the organization.
  • Improves overall participant efficiency and productivity.
  • Evaluate and optimize project and enterprise operations and establish and leverage best practices.

So, let’s see how it works:

  • Launch Collaboration for Microsoft.

  • Collaboration for Microsoft explorer window will be launched.

  • From this explorer window, we can directly upload the files to the platform.

  • We can browse and select the required file to be uploaded to the platform and select the specific Bookmark where you want to save that file as below.

  • Also, the new Tab “3DEXPERIENCE” will be added to all the Microsoft office applications. From this Tab, we can Upload the Office files to the Platform, then create revisions, add comment, and add attributes to it.

  • Once the file is uploaded to the platform, we can access that file from anywhere, any device.
  • All the documents on your platform will be listed over in Document Management (It is one of the apps of Collaborative Industry Innovator).

  • In the Document Management, we can select the file and change the properties of that file as per our requirements.
  • Right click on the file and click on “Lock and Download” to Check out the file to edit that file.

  • Now do the required changes.
  • Once we are done, when we click on Save button in 3DEXPERIENCE Tab, it will ask you to add the Check-in comment and then after adding that comment, we can save it back to the platform.

  • All the comments, revision/versions created will be recorded with that file on platform and we can check all the details whenever required.

Document Management helps you check and manage all documents available on the platform that you have access as author or viewer or owner of the 3DSpace. You can view all documents created by you, and documents which have been shared by other members.

These documents are either Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files.

You have also the possibility to create new document, by uploading existing file from your computer.

The challenge that we always face when working in group, is to maintain the integrity and uniqueness of document.

Document is visible and editable to members. Allowing different member to modify and edit the document while respecting what has been done by other team members, and not overriding the same document, requires certain discipline and workflow.

So, this way, we can effectively work with document files and collaborate it with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

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AUTHOR: Nikhil Pise, Sr. Application Engineer

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