Top 10 What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2024 Updates

Tanmay Kanade, Application Engineer Dec 11th, 2023

Year on Year SOLIDWORKS comes along with updated features and enhancements to focus on improving the design experience with SOLIDWORKS. Challenges do come up in every area in SOLIDWORKS. Be it in Sketching or in a Parts environment or be it Assembly or Drawings environment in every aspect we do need to improve the way we are doing things, and that change is inevitable in
almost every aspect.

1. Save to Previous Version SOLIDWORKS Files – A Myth turned Reality!
Well, it was always a stressful moment while trying to open and work on a SOLIDWORKS file of higher version in a lower version of SOLIDWORKS. But with SOLIDWORKS 2024 no more will you be facing any kind of issues pertaining to this scenario as with this version we will be able to save SOLIDWORKS files (Part, Assembly & Drawings) in the previous two versions also i.e., SOLIDWORKS 2023 & 2022. Isn’t that a wow thing considering the aspects of working in multi-version environments.

2. Sketch Dimension Preview – Sketching & Dimensioning on the fly!
We all have loved the Smart Dimension feature but still the dimensioning process would always require an additional time by utilisation of this feature. But over to this in 2024 we can actually utilise the Sketch Dimension Preview which functions on selecting the existing created sketch geometry which previews the dimensions which could be further edited and thus the respective geometry would be dimensioned on the go..

3. Sheet Metal Stamp Feature – Forming/Punching Tools the way you want!
With SOLIDWORKS 2024, creating form profiles on Sheet Metal parts is much easier with the Stamp feature. This feature utilises parametric sketches to govern it as a profile to create form-based metal parts. This also allows the depth control and internal radius of the form being created.

4. Cylindrical Bounding Box – Cylindrical Components Stock Data is now available!
Ever wondered how a Cylindrical Part once created could be utilised for the purpose of getting the details of its bounding box but with this year onwards with SOLIDWORKS 2024 we get an option for the creation of the bounding box for cylindrical components too. This would be easier for designs involving intricate cylindrical parts whose bounding box properties for deriving its stock size details could be utilised for this purpose.

5. Defeature Tool – Easier & Better!
The Defeature tool since its inception back in 2019, has been useful for the sake of creation of Dumbsolids – Solids with limited features for the sake of protection of the Component IP Rights or for creating Assemblies lighter from performance aspects. But well, we all know the complexity this feature would have in actual practice; that’s where SOLIDWORKS 2024 comes up with the enhancement of the feature wherein it could be controlled based on rules preset and there-onto we could reuse them on various other assembly files also. The Defeature rules could be created based on the File Name, Custom properties created, and so on. Moreover, the Graphics data like Textures and color could be also controlled from now on via the Graphics Properties propagation option. This particular rules file can be saved and accessed again by saving it as .slddrs formats.

6. STEP File Import – Faster than ever before!
For every SOLIDWORKS user, importing large STEP files has been always a time-consuming task in itself; but no more with SOLIDWORKS 2024. As with it, you can enable a STEP file import filter which would allow the selection of only respective components out of the STEP file, making the process faster than ever before. Added enhancement to it is that we could even generate a 3D graphics view to visually understand the right selection of the components while filter-opening the STEP file.

7. Overriding Dimensions in Drawings – OVERRIDE & Remember it Always!
We are habitual to overriding dimensions, but we often do forget and tend to search the dimensions which have been overridden in the process of Drawing documentation. Well, with SOLIDWORKS 2024 we could do it easily and have a specific System Option based colour defined for such dimensions. So once overridden this dimension would pop up with the assigned colour.

8. Reattach dangling Dimensions – Clean off Drawing Dangling Dims much smoother!
Changes in Part & Assembly designs are inevitable and sometimes they do create mistakes and specifically with missing references in SOLIDWORKS Drawings you may be very easily bombarded with multiple dangling dimensions. In such cases, Dangling dimensions in SOLIDWORKS 2024 could allow us to make it much easier to reattach them with the updated references by simply Right-Clicking on them and selecting Reattach option and proceeding ahead with the updated selection of the reference.

9. Named Mate References – Name It! Mate It!
Specifically Mate References is an easy go tool for quick mating but that would sometimes get confused in scenarios wherein multiple components with same type of entitled mate references would come up. In such scenarios components would get caught up in wrong locations and get mated. In SOLIDWORKS 2024 we could have an additional functionality in the Mate References wherein Create mates only when names match if done on respective components would then make the assembly process smoother where respective component mating would work with the pre-defined mate references as expected.

10. Corner Management in Structure System – Its Automatic Now!
Structure System Corner Management is now much enhanced and could create automated corners owing to the similarity in its orientation in the structure created. This allows for automatic corner treatment and above it we could assign a Base Plane as a reference which could help in determining the trim order of the members.

As we have seen this are the Top 10 Features which SOLIDWORKS 2024 has brought us with, but we have lots of other updates too which like previous years would empower us, providing us with a way to design with an improved approach targeted towards reducing time and effort at the same time.

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AUTHOR: Tanmay Kanade, Application Engineer

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