Tanmay Kanade, Application Engineer Jan 17th, 2024

The 3DEXPERIENCE 3D Sculptor offers to create free-form shaped objects possessing organic modelling aspects in it. This role of 3DEXPERIENCE allows digital clay modelling in it by its ‘xShape’ application to mechanicalize ‘Subdivision Modelling’.

Subdivision Modeling

3DEXPERIENCE has an exquisite application – xShape which allows for creation of complex shapes and surfaces for freeform sculpting of such complex shaped objects i.e. Subdivision Modelling. Conventional modelling techniques generally allow for limited feasibility of creation of such shapes and surfaces. The xShape application works by introducing a Primitive shape (Box, Cylinder etc.) to proceed ahead for Organic Modelling; the size and shape of the introduced object can be adjusted by the bounding mesh parameters over the shape body. The overall modelling then becomes fun by simply push-pull techniques over the surfaces/bodies by utilising a manipulator to modify it without creating a physical sketch or any other features like in conventional modelling.

With 2024 – in the 3D Sculptor role we will be witnessing the following updates which would allow us to sculpt complex shapes with advanced feature functionalities:

⦁ Subdivision Alignment Tools & Net Surface Creation

The xShape app uplifts the overall Subdivision modelling process by having option to align the subdivision entities to each other. Even model or sketch geometries could be used to align with the subdivisions. When utilizing reference images or any sketches, you can simply align the subdivisional surfaces easily by drawing a curve against it to align it using a cursor. Creation of aligned subdivides on existing faces of bodies we can insert entirely new edge loops which can help in creating more details in it.

Also, along the same line a new Subdivision surface, specifically a Net Surface can be created into it using the existing sketches and curves present.

⦁ Soft Selection

Using a manipulator assists the users to control the mesh surfaces smoothly; but with the ‘Soft Selection’ the use of manipulator tool can be used to sculpt over a larger area. The Soft Selection mode can be used to modify complex surfaces as required. The radius of influence can be modified to provide selection over the desired areas to be sculpted.

⦁ Working Zone

While designing, scenarios do come up when we do require to work upon only certain areas of the entire model so we can define such areas of the mesh which only needs to be edited in a subdivision model. This sort of isolation can be created by using the Working Zone, which would enable the rest of the model to be non-editable at that required moment.

⦁ Copy & Paste Subdivision

Working with Subdivision modelling approaches can be more refined by using the Copy-Paste Subdivision functionality for duplicating a subdivision surface. This could help enhancing the overall Subdivision modelling as this may allow easy modification to create new concepts out of the existing ones which may be used as a reference for doing so. Scaling of the duplicated model surfaces is also possible and thus the sculpting process can be made more efficient overall when referencing other subdivision surfaces.

⦁ Reflect

Working in conventional modelling process often needs creation of Mirror bodies to reduce repetitive processes; in xShape app too the Subdivision body/surface could be easily created into a symmetrical copy with the Reflect tool. This would allow users to easily facilitate creation of mirrored bodies thus reducing the overall design efforts.

⦁ Advanced Surface Views

Now sculpting complex bodies and shapes using the Subdivision modelling technique could be achieved in a better approach by utilizing viewing from different ways like it may be via the normal surfaces, or by subdivision cage and even from a section view.

Sculpting from section view would allow to get accurate manufacturability results by utilization of draft analysis. In a ‘Cage View’ specifically we could get to understand the overall mesh from which the curved surface is generated; wherein the Mesh Inspection tool would help to identify accurately the intersecting entities of the Subdivision created.

This specific updates as discussed above would certainly help the users to conceptualize and design complex shaped objects using Subdivision Modelling technique in a much more effective manner, easing the overall process contributed towards it with the exciting new updates in the 3D Sculptor role of 3DEXPERIENCE.

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AUTHOR: Tanmay Kanade, Application Engineer

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